Complaints policy

Optima training & Consultancy limited (hereinafter referred to as Optima) will deal with complaints and other matters of concern from Clients and affiliates with the dignity deserved and treat their resolution as a priority.

Everyone at Optima is committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best possible service. However, we recognize that, sometimes, some of our customers experience problems. We also recognise that complaints are a valuable form of feedback on our service delivery. We use this feedback to identify the root causes of complaints and to ensure that improvements are made to our processes for the benefit of both our customers and our selves.

These are the promises we make to all customers who raise issues with us:

  • We will listen to you and make every effort to understand the reasons for your complaint.
  • We care about why you are dissatisfied.
  • We will endeavour to resolve your complaint to ensure resolution.
  • Well will take ownership of your complaint to ensure resolution.
  • We will offer fair solutions quickly
  • We also welcome positive feedback from customers about our services and staff.

How to complain or give feedback:

Informal Procedure

If you have a named contact in Optima, make your initial complaint or give your feedback to them. If you don’t have a named contact, please our Head Office (see details on our website) will do their best to resolve your complaint there and then. If your complaint cannot be dealt with immediately, or if the matter you are concerned about is very serious, you should use our formal complains procedure.

Formal Procedure

Formal procedure and feedback can be made in writing, by fax, or by e-mail, directly with the Consultant responsible for that service. We will make sure that your complaint is entered into out formal complaints process. We will acknowledge your complaint within 48hrs working hours.

Optima guarantee that all complaints are formally acknowledged, and all efforts will be made to resolve the issue within 2 weeks commencing from the date the complaint was received.

In the event of the complaint being against a member of staff at Optima, we ensure that the staff member is fully informed of the complaint and is entitled to receive a copy of the complaint. The Staff member will be invited to respond to the complaint and state their version of events. This must be completed and submitted in writing within 7 days of the complaint being logged with Optima. This Statement of Events may be shared with the complainant.

Optima will keep complainants informed on the complaint’s progression and any delays in the process, giving reasons and an anticipated response time. During the dealing of a complaint, Optima will ensure that the quality and level of the service provided to the client continues and there is no adverse effect on the service provided.

What to do if you are not satisfied with our initial response:

If you are dissatisfied with our initial response and the outcome you can refer the matter to The Retails Ombudsman (TRO), who can deal with the matter further. TRO will normally expect you to give Optima the opportunity to investigate the matter further before referring it to them.

The Managing Director, in conjunction with the Company’s Chairman, will manage all communications with the Media. In some cases, our insurers have to be informed and the Company will, sometimes, take legal advice before proceeding with a response to a complaint.